"Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed."

The CEO Advantage Journal offers reminders of simple, practical disciplines to leaders who desire to build their organizations toward greatness. Rather than claim brilliant new methods, we aim to reinforce fundamental disciplines and suggest practical applications of them.

We firmly believe that the success of any organization begins with a strong executive team. The only way to achieve sustainable great results is to build a team of executives who are committed to the values, purpose, and envisioned future of the organization.

The CEO Advantage Journal is for these executives. It should be an aid in addressing some of the greatest challenges facing CEOs and executive teams:

As advisors who use The CEO Advantage™ process, our purpose is to work with CEOs and executive teams in their quest to build great and enduring organizations, and this publication is a natural extension of that purpose.

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The 2012 edition of The CEO Advantage Journal won the APEX Award for Publication Excellence for the third straight year.

Naturally, we are gratified to receive this acknowledgment. There is, however, an even greater praise that motivates our effort: the positive comments we receive from our readers. Thank you for taking the time to submit feedback and download articles for reprinting and electronic distribution. We find the greatest satisfaction in knowing that our content is helping executives and leaders to increase their impact.