The CEO Advantage
The CEO Advantage is a unique strategy execution process for CEOs and executive teams of midsize organizations. Our certified advisors help clients with three fundamental disciplines:

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  • Clear Long-Term Strategic Thinking
  • A Tight Strategy Execution Process
  • Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

The CEO Advantage is built primarily on the works of three noted business authorities:

If you have not already, you should read these books and learn the concepts on your own. Once you have done this, ask yourself, “Do I have a process for implementing these disciplines in my organization?"

If your answer is “no," we would like to help. Our certified advisors have worked with hundreds of clients from all industries to implement a disciplined process for strategy execution which aligns the entire organization around a single vision and translates that vision into results.

Who We Are
We are Certified Business Advisors with executive-level experience who use The CEO Advantage process to help CEOs and executive teams build great and enduring organizations.

Let us reiterate this critical point: Our advisors are not freshly-minted MBAs. They are veteran executives, entrepreneurs, and CEO advisors.

Who We Are Not
We are not traditional executive coaches. While some 1-on-1 advising with the CEO naturally occurs, we spend 80% - 90% of our time with the executive team as a team.

We are not facilitators.We are advisors, and we are not content-neutral. We have firm opinions about the right disciplines for an executive team, and we actively engage in discussion and debate to help the team implement these disciplines.

We are not consultants. We do not provide comprehensive business assessments with recommended fixes for your business or model, nor do we do project work on a T&M basis.

We are not a consulting organization. We do not provide a project staff to work on short-term engagements. Rather, we have one advisor committed to each client for the long term.

We are not career or life coaches. We focus on organizational results. We do not provide counseling for individuals.

We are not freshly-minted MBAs. We are veteran CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs who advise midsize organizations in long-term client relationships.

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There Are No Silver Bullets
If you seek a “quick fix" or just want to strengthen your business for sale in the short-term, we are not a good fit. Our clients are committed to building great organizations that endure beyond the tenure of the existing owners and executive team.

How Do I Create a Culture of Strategic Execution?
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